Every now & then

Updated: May 4, 2019

The pinch of home..

i don’t want to go back, I’m invested in my situation, I’m entrenched in the day to day politics of my social surroundings, i love the weather, my music is making progress, I’m busy producing an Album and I’ve got attachments here now.

there are so many reasoms to stay beyond the obvious wants I might have.

it have become a prctical outlook, not a dream on a ticking clock.

but some days, some people, pop in and out of your head.

Facebook is such a load of shit for that reason.

who wants to view home through the keyhole of every personalises PR kit.

its bullshit.

but I mean the random thoughts, not those deemed worthy by said social media’s history reports.

today I thought about my brothers a lot.

i thought about William being the youngest and almost 30.

About his newborn daughter and the changes a baby must bring to his life, and about not being in his world for such a momentus occassion.

that does hurt just a little.

i thought about James, and how different we are.

i wondered what his life has been like for the last couple of years.

Having shared a social group through my marriage and his resulting overlapping friendships, I wondered what my debacle or discrace had caused him over these past years.

its true I’ve made little effort and it’s easy not to.

Not for bad blood, though im sure he feels like Im not the best brother,, but for solid and common ground, which has been lacking.

i thought about Michael, and about his voice.

his singing voice is a vulnerable one.

for that reason it’s all the better.

its the notes he can’t hit that I love hearing wagered.

i thought about Joseph and how much Ive enjoyed moments one on one with him.

seldom though they have been, they are always something a younger brother craves.

awkward, perhaps, at first, those moments turn into real laughter.

belly full, laughter.

So that was the pinch today.

it was worth it.

fuck, I love LA haha

SONG - Never gonna be late

music - P Ewing

word - Phylo & Pete

version - demo

- I like this tune. It’s spooky and real.

dont need to say much more.

phylo songs main, I do bus and music.

its for our project blah blah

This is just random footage with the song..No awards here.

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