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As a boy, I would watch John Hinde on ABC’s Movie of the week, and say “doesn’t seem that hard”

I am passionate about many things, most of which I care not to mention to my readers. What I will say is perfect grammar is un-important, unless its someone else’s writing. This goes for music, art (pen or brush, cast in bronze or on stage), DL fold pamphlets about the coming of the lord, or condolences cards from family & friends. Mostly though its what is real & what isn’t. By real, I mean are you full of shit and what type of shit?

Some make great things with little acclaim, whilst others make horrible things with much acclaim. It is a matter of opinion I suppose, so i will stick to mine, thick and thin, open to question and retraction if corrected or in error. What I wont suffer are *March champions, posers and self celebrating breakfasts, the likes of which Instagram is full of.

Why do this?

  1. Because i’m able to use the template provided by this site

  2. Because it’s my opinion and it might not suit you, so smile, for you are you and I, me

For now though, this is enough, I’ll put up my history and all else in the coming weeks

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